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The machine for breaking the wall of food with delicate taste is indispensable.
2018-5-7 16:50:13

          Nowadays, compared with the traditional juicer and juicer, the wall breaking machine is more powerful. the ingredients that can be handled by the former two are relatively single, while the latter can handle more kinds of ingredients. In short, a wall-breaking function supports beating fruits, vegetables, cereals, even meat, fish bones and the like. In addition to making fruit and vegetable juice, nuts and flour, the wall-breaking machine can also whip cream, thick paste of fruit paste, iced products, milkshakes, baby snacks and the like.

           Reporters found that many of the main consumers of the wall-breaking machine were young white-collar workers. Salesmen said that customers who buy wall-breaking machines are mainly divided into two categories: first, consumers who exercise and lose weight need to make healthy meals at home; The other is the housewife, who has children and old people at home.

          It is reported that a wall-breaking machine integrates the functions of juicer, soymilk maker, ice cream machine, processor and grinder. it is relatively convenient to use and clean, and is suitable for families with children or elderly people, especially those with poor teeth.

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