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Kitchen and other small appliances strong landing AWE 2018
2018-5-7 17:01:08

         After awe 2018 was launched, nearly 70 % of the booths have been sold in just two weeks, and the overall sales are extremely hot, which has set a new historical record. Among them, the performance of small household appliances is particularly impressive, the booth has basically sold out, and the hot degree can be seen.

         The development momentum of small household appliances is quite strong, the recruitment situation is very prominent, and the sales momentum is in full swing, and many famous brands at home and abroad have confirmed their participation. Comprehensive category exhibition hall, smart home exhibition hall, kitchen and bathroom appliances exhibition hall, living appliances exhibition hall and other exhibition halls will all display the latest and most complete small appliances of various enterprises.

         It is reported that in addition to Haier, midea, bosch, Siemens, Panasonic and other home appliance brands, jiuyang, supor, vitamine, tiger, my judge, laurastar, west hours, Vidal sasson, babyliiss, cuisinart, conair, omega, Karl ( cage ), Cobos, Fermat, lake, esteda, solis, feike, emmett, puppies, bear, Pentium, pioneer, yueli, leiwa and other well-known home and foreign small home appliance brands have all confirmed their participation and will carry their high-end small home appliances to display.

         Driven by the big background of consumption upgrading, the small home appliance market develops rapidly. Relevant data show that in the first half of 2017, the retail sales and retail sales of small household appliances market have achieved significant growth. Retail sales reached 93.42 million units, an increase of 4 % compared with the same period last year. Retail sales reached 27.9 billion yuan, up 8.6 % year on year. Not only are small household appliances such as food processor still in the growth stage, but also the explosive growth period is coming. traditional kitchen appliances such as electric cookers will also usher in the growth adjustment period of secondary structure upgrade. At the same time, the emerging category of high-end small household appliances market has a broader prospect, and new products such as sweeping robots and electric toothbrushes are in the rapidly rising stage of the market. Awe 2018 is bound to become a rapidly developing small household appliance manufacturer and an ideal stage for displaying its latest and highest-end products.

         Awe has become an important display platform for high-end small appliances. From the products exhibited by previous enterprises, it can be seen that emerging categories of small household appliances are constantly emerging, and small household appliances with exquisite appearance, practical and diverse functions, simple and convenient operation and full of innovation can help consumers get rid of the pressure of housework and improve and improve the quality of life. At awe 2018, the high-end small household appliances products exhibited by enterprises are bound to highlight more intelligent, healthy and high-quality product features, better cover a variety of life scenarios such as personal care, household cleaning, daily kitchen use, and fully explain the future " smart life".

        In awe 2018, which is unprecedented in scale, not only personal care appliances will show their elegant demeanor, but also cleaning appliances and kitchen appliances will compete for splendor and contention. From personal care appliances such as hairdressers, electric toothbrushes and electric shavers to cleaning appliances such as sweeping robots, cordless cleaners and mini washing machines, to products such as blenders, blenders and soymilk makers, enterprises will take out " housekeeping" products for high-end small appliances which are very popular with consumers at present. Not only domestic brands will contend for Yan dou qi in awe, but also many famous foreign brands will join in, hoping to shine on awe.

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